LARA D’ presents six couture frames in the precious Diamond Line for women. 100% Made in Italy, each of these stunning Diamond frame designs recalls a classic shape, reinventing it with a graceful sparkling finale.
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The beauty of acetate is that it continues to surprise, constantly elevating creativity to ever-higher levels. We have its infinite textures to thank, surfaces which inspire new juxtapositions, with opaque or transparent colours. The result is the ability to create fresh shapes, designing robustly proportioned yet lightweight structures, and the use of special finishes such as faceting and bonding for unparalleled character. 

Faceted surfaces are created by master jewellers in Vicenza, Italy. As they etch precise, infinitesimal incisions (removing small portions of the material), they enrich each pair of glasses with unique details: iridescent surfaces in some cases, textural motifs in others, ones which give the frames an alluring rough, raw look. No matter the look, it’s always the exquisite result of expert craftsmanship. 

Bonding unities the material and creates frames with unique textures, original compositions of colour that immediately get noticed and bring out the beauty of each style. It’s a process that requires extensive experience and special artisan mastery because it combines multiple acetate slabs in different colours, cut to measure. 

In the Unique line, the taste for colour is expressed to the nth degree, together with design and attention to detail. Shimmering with colour, crystal diamonds are set by hand, one by one, both on the front and temples. Points of light that frame the eyes and immediately create an elegant and sophisticated look. Frames that, like a piece of jewellery, become a fashion accessory that is impossible to do without.

Not just rhinestones, but also studs. They’re a trimming I have fun with, one that lets me fully express confidence and fierce style. As I work, I envision a woman who is very feminine, yet who also knows how to highlight her rock ‘n’ roll side. I imagine her in a sophisticated ensemble and Unique glasses with studs: she’s instantly the centre of attention.

I’ve dedicated ever increasing space to refined, decisive eyewear for men. Many revisited Seventies shapes for frames with bold, trend-setting personality bring intensity to the gaze without going too far. In some styles, to ensure the right amount of character and personality, smooth frames contrast cleanly with an etched asymmetrical motif.

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