LARA D 'Eyewear: Italianity, creativity and Italian virtuosity. Lara D 'is the consciousness that the design brides art and practicality, especially in the eyepiece. Come discover our collections.
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I want to convey the authentic meaning of the expression 

“Italian artisanship” to the world with my work as a designer. 

My glasses are the result of many years’ experience in the Belluno eyewear industry,

and represent the style and design of Italian fashion. 

Lara D’Alpaos

Lara, always a designer

My life is colour and image and my style is strong, designed to amaze. I’m Lara D’Alpaos and in 2010, I created the Italian eyewear brand Lara D’. 


I earned a degree in architecture from IUAV in Venice, with a specialisation in interior design. Imagining, designing, constructing is what I have always loved to do. I am inspired by art, fashion, and design. This is why my glasses are paintings and sculptures, they are abstract and concrete, they are industry and craftsmanship.


The world of eyewear made a powerful impression on me when I was very young. I have followed the daily activities of the family business since I was a child, as if it were a compelling story. I learned a lot watching my father in his work as an entrepreneur. Right here, in the heart of the Italian eyewear district at the foot of the Dolomites, I processed and made the sounds and noises, movements and words of his workshop my own. 


In my summers as a child, I spent time touching each material, reviewing all the production stages and working alongside the artisans in their meticulous work. Day after day, I learned the true meaning of the word artisan with a training experience that made such a strong impact that it guided every choice I made, even in my studies.

“Il designer è colui che progetta con arte”

The history of the Brand

The Lara D’ brand is my personal workshop of ideas. Within it, I design eyewear that embodies my vision of well-made products, with an experimental approach in terms of colours and materials, and with constant research into relevant new techniques. 

For production I rely on the experience and skills of specialised Italian artisans, who make my creations special with great care and precision.

Lara D’ frames express a whimsical character and stand out without ever being too extravagant. I like to call them sporty chic, with the idea of representing a casual but sophisticated look, without labels but glamorous. My eyewear is dedicated to men and women who want to stand out and feel good, from morning to evening, on any occasion, without having to sacrifice comfort and a perfect fit.

Each Lara D’ model is an artistic project that takes three elements into account: colour, shape and style. 

Each line in the collection synthesizes my work and demonstrates the importance of manual intervention in many manufacturing steps. 

The Unique line makes full use of cutting-edge, innovative techniques to bond different types of acetate and apply colourful certified crystals and studs, and even a meticulous faceting procedure to create frames and temples that are true works of art. 

The Stilé line plays with colours and slender silhouettes thanks to metal frames, bringing a pop of vibrancy to the face.

The Lara D’ Sun line is defined by bold, often angular shapes. Inserts in different proportions and colours are combined and overlapped to create original eyewear.