LARA D 'Eyewear: Italianity, creativity and Italian virtuosity. Lara D 'is the consciousness that the design brides art and practicality, especially in the eyepiece. Come discover our collections.
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I want to convey the authentic meaning of the expression 

“Italian artisanship” to the world with my work as a designer. 

My glasses are the result of many years’ experience in the Belluno eyewear industry,

and represent the style and design of Italian fashion. 

Lara D’Alpaos

Lara D’Alpaos, style and revolution

The creative drive with which Lara D’Alpaos designs her Lara D’ eyewear collections is truly revolutionary. 


The entrepreneur and designer has been pursuing her independent project since 2010, after honing her passion for  design with a degree in Architecture and long experience spent in the family business in her youth. Working in her  father’s business in the heart of Italy’s famed eyewear district represented an important foundation that enabled her to  develop her entrepreneurial mindset within the eyewear industry. 


Lara is responsible for designing every last detail to create unique glasses including from a technical standpoint. To  achieve this, it’s essential for her to have in-depth knowledge of all phases of eyewear production and to maintain  partnerships with specialists within the sector on a daily basis. 


This extensive product knowledge serves to inspire Lara’s exploration of cutting-edge shapes, colours and  techniques, in a process of continuous creation and research. 


Her desire to experiment is always bold yet never ill-judged. She expresses a sense of refined taste and a  meticulous attention to precious adornments. 


What guides her inspiration and vision for the future is her enduring passion for art and the iconic shapes that have  marked the history of eyewear. 

“Il designer è colui che progetta con arte”

Lara D’, free your personality

The Lara D’ brand enhances a person’s individuality through a range of eyewear models which each bear their own  distinctive character. Featuring Lara’s signature designs, they’re all crafted in Italy by highly skilled artisans – your  guarantee that every single piece is of the highest quality. 


The Lara D’ collections are a celebration of the beauty of strong personalities. Some are high on glamour, while  others sport a full-on rock vibe. These are glasses designed for charismatic personalities – for people who love to  stand out from the crowd and enjoy making a fashion statement


But Lara doesn’t express their character through excess. Quite the opposite: she showcases her skill by striking a  perfect balance between eccentricity and elegance, designing eyewear that’s highly wearable, perfectly matched to  the face of the wearer, and comfortable all day long. 


Lara D’ is a manifesto for freedom – the freedom to be able to express your originality even through your eyewear and  to feel great in any setting.