Since 2010, entrepreneur and eyewear designer Lara D’Alpaos has led the independent brand Lara D’ with the mission of bringing more beauty and colour to the world.


It all began with Lara D’Alpaos’ love of design, which she deepened first with a university degree in architecture, then with her work. Every art form is a source of inspiration for her, along with travel and learning about other cultures. Curiosity sparked new personal research and fed into her creative process.


Thanks to her father’s profession, Lara got to know the world of eyewear from the time she was a young girl. She played, grew up and even started working in the industry at the family business.


For this reason, she carefully studied the history of design with a special focus on glasses. Artistic trends of the past inspire her as she makes them her own. She reinterprets specific styles to unite tradition and innovation. When she’s designing, Lara feels free to experiment with new forms and colourways: because she knows eyewear production techniques so well, she innately understands how daring she can be.


Lara D’ eyeglasses are designed and made in Italy, because it is there that experience and manual skill make certain production steps and finishes possible, ensuring high-quality products.

Lara D’, free your personality

Every new Lara D’ collection draws upon and updates the previous one, because Lara’s eclectic personality is constantly evolving—just like her creations. As a result, every line has its own common thread, while different styles and shapes appear within it.


Lara D’ glasses exalt individuality and the freedom to be yourself, always. They’re designed for charismatic people who carefully curate their glamorous style, who love to stand out, and who communicate through their personality.


Lara never pushes her designs too far, but always infuses them with the right balance of non-conformity and elegance. In addition to the aesthetic aspects, she considers technical matters too, and pays a lot of attention to proportions and fit, giving rise to comfortable glasses that can be worn from morning to evening.